Public Transit Routing API v8

Public Transit Routing API v8 provides the most efficient and relevant transit routes between a given pair of locations. Based on WGS-84 compliant start and end points, request public transit routes making use of all available transit modes in a given city or metropolitan area.

The /routes response consists of a series of sections, which represent legs of the route, with relevant information like departure/arrival time and transport. Additional properties, such as the shape of the route encoded into the HERE flexible-polyline format, can be optionally requested.

Use Cases

Common uses of the Public Transit Routing API v8 include the following:

  • define routes based on arrival or departure times
  • filter specific transit modes, such as rail and metro only
  • plan routes hours or days in advance
  • set a maximum distance for the walk to the nearest transit stop/station or the speed of the walk
  • define how many changes or transfers the journey may include
  • request turn-by-turn navigation
  • request route flexible-polyline in order to view the route over a map.

For more information on how to use the Public Transit Routing API v8, see how to Send a Request and consult one of the following examples:

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