This page describes, for the HERE products listed below, the process for adding new products and features, managing changes and discontinuation of HERE products, and how you are notified thereof. You should always use the latest versions of the products provided by HERE.

This page has two sections:

Product lifecycle

New HERE products

HERE may at any time add new HERE products to the offering and will notify you thereof in release announcements.


HERE may deprecate or discontinue any HERE product. HERE will provide a deprecation notice to you at least six months in advance of a discontinuation. HERE will support deprecated products in accordance with applicable agreements. In addition, HERE will support deprecated SDKs for six months after deprecation, and within six months you shall upgrade to a newer version of the SDK.

Product lifecycle terminology

  • Beta - Beta products are nearly commercial-ready but not to a standard that meets service level agreements (SLA) and/or other commercial standards. They are good candidates for testing new functionality, but they’re not “sold,” and access to these products is generally given by invitation only.
  • Active - Active products are commercially available. The products are covered by SLA (when applicable).
  • In Maintenance - In-maintenance products are still commercially available, and their maps are still updated, but only critical updates and bug-fixes are done. That is, no new features are developed. The products are still covered by SLAs (when applicable) and may still be sold, but it should be noted that migration to a successor product will likely happen within 12 months.
  • Deprecated - Deprecated products are no longer commercially available to new customers, and support is limited to contractual obligations, including any applicable SLAs. If you want to take advantage of new functionalities, you will have to migrate to the successor product.
  • Discontinued - Discontinued products are no longer available or in production.

Changes to products

HERE may change any of the HERE products referred to below or remove features or functionality from time to time. Visit the following sites to find information about changes the HERE products:

Product Where to find changes
Data Inspector
HERE Data SDK for C++
HERE Data SDK for Java & Scala
HERE Data SDK for Python
HERE Data SDK for TypeScript
HERE platform changelog
HERE Location Services Release notes located in each API's documentation
Access Manager
HERE Marketplace
HERE Workspace
HERE platform release announcements

Change terminology

The changelog, release announcements, and release notes use the following terms to describe changes.

  • Added - A new feature that adds a capability to the product.
  • Changed - An existing feature behaves differently than in prior releases.
  • Deprecated - The feature is obsolete and will stop working 6 - 12 months from the time customers are first notified of the deprecation. You need to migrate to the replacement feature. Use of the feature during the deprecation period may result in warnings indicating that the feature is deprecated, but the feature will continue to function and will continue to be documented and supported until it is removed.
  • Documentation - A significant change to the structure or delivery method of the documentation beyond the normal content updates to reflect product changes.
  • Fixed - A bug that has been fixed in this release. Bugs listed in release notes are either customer-reported bugs or bugs reported as a Known Issue in a prior version's release notes.
  • Known Issue - Known issues or limitations and relevant workarounds.
  • Performance - A change that improves the responsiveness of the system, enabling it to process data faster or provide a response more quickly than in prior releases.
  • Other - Noteworthy information which falls outside of standard change definitions.
  • Removed - The feature has reached the end of the deprecation period and is no longer available for use. The feature is removed from documentation and is no longer supported.
  • Security - An update that fixes a security vulnerability.

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