The OLP CLI supports the following:

  • list the associated application's authorization

To list, grant or revoke permissions, use the following commands depending on the type of platform resource:

permission list

Retrieves the application authorization associated with the Client Access Token.

olp permission list [HRN filter] [command options]

Optional parameters:

  • [HRN filter] Freeform text used to filter the permission list. The filter checks if the hrn field contains the filter string.
  • --credentials <path to credentials file> The name of a credentials file to use with the command. Credentials files are downloaded separately from the platform portal.
  • --profile <profile name> The name of the credentials profile to use from the olpcli.ini file.
  • --json Displays the command result in JSON format.
  • --quiet Displays the resource HRNs and permissions separated by space, each on a new line.


The olp permission list command only returns direct permissions assigned to the app, and does not include indirect permissions that the app may have through group membership or realm-wide policies.

For more information on using credentials and profiles, see Credentials setup.


olp permission list

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