HERE Map Image v1 Developer's Guide

Supported Resources

The table below lists resources supported by the HERE Map Image v1.

Table 1. Resources Supported by the HERE Map Image v1 Request
Resource name Description
Retrieves an image of a company logo.
heat (deprecated) Retrieves an image representing different data levels by colored areas. Currently 4 colors - 0 - blue, 1 - purple, 2 - red, 3 - yellow and 2 area types - circles and polygons are available.
mapview Retrieves a map image, with optional address information or points of interest.
region Retrieves a map image with a highlighted region or regions.
roadsign (deprecated) Retrieves an image of a road sign.
route Retrieves map images displaying one or more routes; the route waypoints are defined by request parameters.
routing (deprecated) Retrieves a map image showing the result of a route calculation; the route starting and ending points are defined by request parameters.
stat (deprecated) Retrieves a map image displaying statistical data in the form of circle diagrams or bar charts.
tiltmap (deprecated) Retrieves a map image, displaying a tilted map.
turnpoint (deprecated) Retrieves images of turning points represented by arrows.
version Retrieves the software version.