Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Get Started

This section shows how to get started with providing feedback for a HERE map via the HERE Map Feedback API.

Get a HERE account

If your organization has signed up for HERE Workspace or HERE Marketplace, contact your organization admin who can invite you to join the HERE platform organization established for your company. You can also request a free trial of the HERE platform if your company does not have an organization established for it. For more information, see the HERE platform pricing.

Create a project

To create a project, follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to the HERE platform using your HERE account.
  2. Open the Projects manager from the launcher.
  3. Click Create new project.
  4. Enter a name for the project. Project names don't have to be unique.
  5. Enter a project ID. Project IDs must be unique within an organization and cannot be changed for the lifetime of the organization. Project IDs must be between 4 and 16 characters in length.
  6. Enter an optional description.
  7. Click Save.

Get an API key

To get an API key, follow these steps:
  1. On the Resources tab, select Services and then click Link a Service.
  2. Search for services and click Link to link them to your project as needed.
  3. Click Done.
  4. Select the Access and permissions tab and click Grant access.
  5. Under New app, select Create.
  6. Provide an app name and click Register. The platform creates a new app with a unique app ID.
  7. On the Credentials tab, select API Keys and then click Create API key to generate a maximum of two API Keys for your application authentication credentials. The API key is created and displayed.

To report incorrect data for a place on a map, follow these steps:

This POST request reports that a restaurant in Chicago (listed at changed its phone, e-mail and website URL.

Map Feedback API POST requests require the following HTTP header field.

Auth-Service-Id: here_app
Auth-Identifier: apikey
Auth-Secret: {YOUR_APIKEY}
Content-Type: application/; charset=UTF-8
Content-Disposition: application/; charset=UTF-8
Accept: application/
Accept-Charset: charset=UTF-8

The POST request URL addresses the feedback endpoint.

The POST request body specifies the feedback.

  "properties": {
    "v": "2.7",
    "referenceIds" : ["276397653"],
    "details": "Update of phone number, URL and e-mail",
    "phone": "+1 111 2 333",
    "email": "",
    "URL":  "",
    "error": 31,
    "currentValues": {
       "phone": "+1 111 2 350"
    "appId": "{YOUR_APP_ID}"

The response to the request contains:

  • A globally unique ID (GUID) that identifies the submitted revision.
  • ID for tracking the status of the revision.
  • The information submitted in the feedback.
  • Timestamp and layerID information.
    "layerId": "grp|wiki|WIKI_MAP_FEEDBACK",
    "lastUpdateTS": 1418201039323,
    "coordinates": [
    "guid": "039b3a2bcf036607b43b569dd34a584a993543cb",
    "id": -19752,
    "type": "Point",
    "createdTS": 1418201039323,
    "properties": {
      "referenceIds": [
      "type": "Point",
      "error": 31,
      "URL": "",
      "phone": "+1 111 2 333",
      "v": "2.7",
      "appId": "{YOUR_APP_ID}",
      "details": "Update of phone number, URL and e-mail",
      "email": ""

Next steps

For more information on using the Map Feedback API, see: