SDK for iOS Developer's Guide

Quick Start

This section provides information to help you start using SDK for iOS.

  • This service is no longer being actively developed. We will only provide critical fixes for this service in future. Instead, use the new HERE SDK 4.x
  • HERE Premium SDK (3.x) is superseded by new 4.x SDK variants and the Premium SDK will be maintained until 31 December 2023 with only critical bug fixes and no feature development / enhancements.
  • Current users of the HERE Premium SDK (3.x) are encouraged to migrate to Explore or Navigate HERE SDK (4.x) variants based on licensed use cases before 31st Dec 2023. Most of the Premium SDK features are already available in the new SDK variants.
  • Onboarding of new customers for Premium SDK is not possible.

Obtain the SDK via CocoaPods

You can obtain SDK for iOS via CocoaPods. For more information, see Run the Sample Application.

Obtain the SDK via the Download Method

To obtain SDK for iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click on Get Started for Free.
  2. Register or sign in to your HERE Account.
  3. Agree to HERE Terms and Conditions.
  4. On Platform Activiation screen find the section for SDK for iOS Premium Edition and click on Generate App ID and App Code to obtain your app credentials and the SDK download link.
  5. Follow the link to download SDK for iOS as a Zip package.

For the available authentication options, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide.

After you have downloaded and extracted the Zip package, follow one of the following tutorials to begin using the SDK.