Module venue




abstract feature VenueFeature extends MomFeature

Module venue

Subtypes Entrance, Level, LevelConnector, Occupant, Site, Space, Structure, VenueGroup

Property Type Modifier Description
id string
bbox BoundingBox optional
geometry Geometry
properties VenueFeatureProperties
referencePoint Point optional This is the location of this feature, collapsed to a single point.

This is for any application where an approximate, but deterministic and consistent, location is useful. One

example is deciding where to "anchor" a feature within a tiled map database.

Any Reference to this feature should include this point.
nonSpatialPartitionKey string optional The partition id for a generically partitioned feature.

Generically partitioned features fall into two categories:

1. Features that have a spatial component but may not make sense to partition based on that geometry.

2. Features that don't have a strong spatial component.

How keys will be assigned and what value ranges will be used are not specified.

Examples of generically partitioned features are admin, zone, postal, phonetics, metadata, etc.
Constraint Expression Description
atMostOneDefinedProperty (is-empty(.referencePoint) is-empty(.nonSpatialPartitionKey)) At most one of non-spatial-partition-key and reference-point can be defined.

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