Module parking





enum BicycleRackType

Module parking

Properties relevant for bicycle (bike) racks. Lack of any of these means it is a normal rack without any special properties. electrical: The rack is for electrical bikes locker-box: The rack contains locker boxes for bikes

Value Description


part EvChargingProperties

Module parking

EV charging information, specified as a part to prepare for evolution. The available EV charging details will be defined in a later phase. Direct integration with HERE Places EV pools & EVSE's is not realistic for now.

Property Type Modifier Description
hasEvChargingAccess boolean We know this parking spot / section has access to an EV-charging pool, but no further details available


enum ParkingCategory

Module parking

Parking space or section may be explicitly meant for short stay or long stay parking. In most cases however the allowed duration is not restricted this way.

Value Description


part ParkingFacilityRestrictions

Module parking

The whole parking facility may have some access restrictions. This is on top of more generic access restrictions.

Property Type Modifier Description
fuelTypesNotAllowed FuelType set In case vehicles powered by some fuel types are not allowed to enter the parking facility, the restrictions

are listed here.

If all fuel types are allowed, the list can be empty.
fuelTypesAllowed FuelType set In case only vehicles powered by some fuel types are allowed to enter the parking facility, the allowed types

are listed here.

This is expected to be used only in special cases, e.g. EV-only cases. If all fuel types are allowed, the

list can be empty.


enum ParkingFacilityTrafficZoneType

Module parking

Types relevant for traffic zones in parking facility. Typically only 1 type is selected per zone, but sometimes some of the types may be valid for the same zone. However some combinations of the types may not make sense in practice. These are not property types of parking spaces or hierarchies of them.

Value Description


enum ParkingReservationType

Module parking

If parking space or section is reserved, the enum specifies the reservation type. In case this information is missing, public parking can be assumed.

Value Description
RESIDENTIAL Residential parking; more details may be available in space label or other means
EMPLOYEE Employee parking; more details may be available in space label or other means
CAR_SHARING Parking for car sharing only
RENTAL_CARS Rental cars parking; more details may be available in space label or other means
RESERVATION_PROGRAM Parking for drivers belonging to a specific reservation program only; more details may be available in space label or other means
ECO_FRIENDLY_CARS Eco-friendly cars only
SPECIAL_DRIVERS The "special-drivers" type can contain parking spaces reserved for drivers with disabilities, family parking, senior citizens;

if the detailed restriction (e.g. gender) is known, it can be given by corresponding properties in the space-type-properties.
EMERGENCY_VEHICLE Parking for emergency vehicles only
VALET Parking service provided by an attendant


enum ParkingSpaceSize

Module parking

Parking space sizes vary by country, or at least by continent. Hence, mapping the given categories give only relative sizes, and mapping to physical sizes depends on the location of the facility. In most cases this information is not present, and then standard size is assumed.

Value Description
COMPACT Compact European size may be suitable for A-segment / city cars.
STANDARD Standard European size is in physical size the same as US Compact size.
STANDARD_LARGE Standard-large typically means the space is large enough for SUV's and vans, but still not for buses or trucks.
MICRO_CAR Micro-car represents a parking space for the smallest car category, typically 2 seats and less than 3 meters long.


part ParkingTypeProperties

Module parking

Properties relevant for parking spots and parking sections (group of parking spots). Some of these may be use as a combination, but often they are set alone. In addition common properties like gender, disabled access, and restricted access are expected to be available e.g. via space-type-properties

Property Type Modifier Description
evCharging EvChargingProperties optional Space has access to an EV charging station. If not present, EV charging is not available.
sizeCategory ParkingSpaceSize optional Space size category. If not present, standard size is assumed. Not relevant for group of parking spaces.
reservation ParkingReservationType optional Parking space / section is reserved and hence not available for anyone to park to.

The name is given in upper layers, either directly as a name, via indoor occupant, or reference to HERE Place.

If not present it is available for public use.
category ParkingCategory optional Some parking spaces or sections can be marked explicitly for long stay or short stay parking.

Absence indicates the type is not explicitly defined, which is expected to be the case for most of the spaces.
boxed boolean optional Parking spot transformed to a closed, lockable garage. Both absence or false means it is non-boxed regular parking spot

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