Module vehicle-types




part VehicleTypes

Module vehicle-types

Subtypes ExperimentalVehicleTypes

Defines set of Vehicle Types.

Property Type Modifier Description
auto boolean optional Autos are individual passenger vehicles used for private transportation.
taxi boolean optional Taxis are passenger vehicles used for public transportation.
bus boolean optional Buses are vehicles used for public transportation.
carpool boolean optional Carpool refers to vehicles that meet HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) criteria.
pedestrian boolean optional Pedestrians refer to individuals travelling on foot.
truck boolean optional Trucks are heavy vehicle designated for transporting goods.
throughTraffic boolean optional Vehicles with a destination other than the segment that the attribute is applied to are through traffic.
emergencyVehicle boolean optional Emergency Vehicles represent vehicles that are designated and authorised to respond to an emergency in a

life-threatening situation.
delivery boolean optional Delivery vehicles are commercial vehicles with 2 or more axles used for delivering goods.
motorcycle boolean optional Motorcycles are motorised two-wheeled passenger vehicles used for private transportation.
bicycle boolean optional Bicycle refers to a human powered or motor powered, two wheeled vehicle.
hybrid boolean optional Hybrid vehicles refer to vehicles that use two or more distinct types of power.
alternateFuelVehicle boolean optional Alternate Fuel Vehicle refers to motor vehicles that run on alternative fuel, an energy other than traditional

petroloeum fuels.
motorhome boolean optional Motorhome is a type of recreational vehicle which offers mobile living accommodation.
caravan boolean optional Caravan is a recreational vehicle without engine that can be pulled by another vehicle.
trailer boolean optional Trailer is a type of container pulled by a vehicle.
boatTrailer boolean optional Boat trailer is a trailer designed to launch, retrieve, carry and sometimes store boats.
autoWithTrailer boolean optional Represents automobiles with an attached trailer.
autoTowingCaravan boolean optional Represents automobiles towing a caravan.
semi boolean optional Truck trailer supported at the rear by its own wheels and the front by a fifth wheel mounted to a tractor or

a dolly.

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