Change log


  • MOM 2.83.0 with LevelConnectingTopology (explained) and refined Occupant attributes


  • Restructured and combined both developer guide and data specification into one document
  • Improved wording and style and aligned with company standards
  • Removed internal content


  • Approved / MOM 2.53
  • Reference to JSON schema added


  • Moved space category and type definitions from parking to the solution chapter, as they are not parking related but generic.
  • Added more explanation for the parking type properties, including the new ones that were introduced in MOM 2.50.
  • Explained ElevationPoint and improved explanation of RampAttributes, and mark them verified.
  • Added information about level-specific Space Groups w.r.t parking sections, and mark it verified.
  • Explained different GeoJSON point variants in MOM.


  • Approved first product-ready version


  • Added status of indoor features and updated space category & type list.


  • Based on MOM 2.35
  • Added level connector and entrances/exits descriptions and samples


  • Based on MOM 2.30
  • Added routing with topologies, lane groups, road signs, and floor marking features
  • Added parking type properties, elevation properties, and commonality group into space group
  • Added description of parking sections
  • Smaller editorial changes


  • Initial version based on MOM 2.13

Status of the format

All the features described in this document are part of MOM format, but some of them are not fully verified with Indoor Maps. The following list gives the features that are fully verified and no other changes than possible property/attribute additions can be expected:

  • Site
  • Structure
  • Level
  • Space
  • Occupant
  • Entrance
  • LevelConnector
  • Address
  • Topology
  • Space groups (parking sections)

The remaining features are in the process of verification for indoor context, and minor changes e.g. in attribute selection could potentially still occur. The exception to this are any references to HERE’s generic LaneGroups feature, which will continue to evolve beyond the indoor context and may in future be added as a new feature to the Indoor MOM data.

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