Batch Geocoder API Developer's Guide


The HERE Batch Geocoder API is a REST API that allows you to geocode and reverse geocode large data sets. Batch processing is optimized for large batch jobs and there is a penalty for executing small jobs, such as those having less than 10 addresses.

The Batch Geocoder API supports the following use cases:

  • Geocode large data sets in one request, such as submitting a single file of addresses to request the corresponding geocoodinates. Addresses may use structured input or free-form search strings with complete or partial address information. The request processing is asynchronous. The more detailed the address you submit, the higher the potential match accuracy.
  • Reverse geocode large data sets in one request, such as submitting a single file of geocoordinate/radius pairs to request the corresponding addresses. The request processing is asynchronous.

Although there are no technical limitations in place for either the minimum number of addresses in a batch job nor for the frequency or number of submitted batch jobs, HERE recommends you accumulate larger sets of addresses into fewer batch jobs to receive a faster response.

Note: As a general rule, a batch job should have either more than 100 addresses or be submitted at least 10 minutes after the previous job was submitted. Under no circumstances should a batch job be submitted more often than once a minute.

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