SDK for Android Developer's Guide

Mobile Asset Management

The Mobile Asset Management (MAM) features provide useful information for logistics companies to manage their fleet vehicles. You can enable features one at a time or multiple at the same time using setFleetFeaturesVisible(EnumSet). setFleetFeaturesVisible(EnumSet.noneOf(Map.FleetFeature.class)) disables all fleet features.

Fleet Vehicle Map

The fleet vehicle map scheme is a scheme optimized for fleet management. These schemes can be used to show road networks as well as truck toll and highway exits.

To display fleet maps, pick one of the following truck map schemes:
For example:

The screenshot below shows highways with truck toll highlighted in purple and highway exit signs in Berlin.

Figure 1. Fleet Map of Berlin

For information about other map schemes see Map Schemes.

Truck Restrictions

This fleet feature contains information about heavy vehicle route restrictions such as height, weight, or environmental restrictions. For example, trucks carrying flammable materials may not travel on certain roads.

To display truck restrictions, add TRUCK_RESTRICTIONS to your fleet features as follows:


The screenshot below shows truck restrictions in London.

Figure 2. Truck Restrictions in London

Congestion and Environmental Zones

This fleet feature highlights congestion and environmental zones. Congestion zones are areas where certain classes of vehicles must pay a toll to enter. Environmental Zones areas only admit certain kinds of vehicles depending on their emissions class.

To display congestion and environmental zones, add CONGESTION_ZONES and ENVIRONMENTAL_ZONES to your fleet features:

EnumSet<Map.FleetFeature> features = map.getFleetFeaturesVisible();

The screenshots below show congestion and environmental zones in London.

Figure 3. London Congestion Zones
Figure 4. London Environmental Zones
Figure 5. London Congestion and Environmental Zones (with Truck Restrictions)