SDK for Android Developer's Guide

Map Label Languages

SDK for Android is a globally available product with support for many languages. HERE SDK does not require any actions from developers to set the appropriate language as it automatically detects the current device language setting and applies the same language within the SDK if it is supported. If HERE SDK does not support the device language, a fallback language, which is typically English, is used.

Map labels at the street level are always displayed in the local language. For example, Central Park in Manhattan, New York is always displayed as "Central Park" irrespective of the device language setting. Names for states, provinces, regions, cities, mountains, lakes, and rivers may be localized to the language corresponding to the device language setting. For example, where the device language is set to French, the label for South Carolina reads "Caroline du Sud"; if the device language is set to Spanish, the label for New York reads "Neuva York".

Language Language code Marc code mapping Note
English (UK) EN ENG  
French FR FRE  
German GE GER  
Spanish SP SPA  
Italian IT ITA  
Swedish SW SWA  
Danish DA DAN  
Norwegian NO NOR  
Finnish FI FIN  
English American AM ENG Mapped to ENG
Swiss French SF FRE Mapped to FRE
Swiss German SG GSW Mapped to GER
Portuguese PO POR  
Turkish TU TUR  
Icelandic IC ICE  
Russian RU RUS  
Hungarian HU HUN  
Dutch DU DUT  
Flemish Belgian BL DUT Mapped to DUT
Australian AU ENG Mapped to ENG
Belgian French BF FRE Mapped to FRE
Austrian AS GER Mapped to GER
New Zealand NZ ENG Mapped to ENG
French International IF FRE Mapped to FRE
Czech CS CZE  
Slovak SK SLO  
Polish PL POL  
Slovenian SL SLV  
Chinese Taiwan TC CHT  
Hong Kong Chinese HK CHT  
Chinese PRC ZH CHI  
Japanese JA JPN  
Thai TH THA  
Afrikaans AF AFR  
Arabic AR ARA  
Bulgarian BG BUL  
Catalan CA CAT  
Croatian HR SCR  
Canadian English CE ENG Mapped to ENG
English International IE ENG Mapped to ENG
South African English SA ENG Mapped to ENG
Estonian ET EST  
French Canadian CF FRE Mapped to FRE
Greek EL GRE  
Greek (Cyprus) CG GRE Mapped to GRE
Hebrew HE HEB  
Hindi HI HIN  
Indonesian IN IND  
Swiss Italian SZ ITA Mapped to ITA
Latvian LV LAV  
Lithuanian LT LIT  
Malay MS MAY  
Marathi MR MAR  
Norwegian Nynorsk NN NOR  
Brazilian Portuguese BP POR Mapped to POR
Romanian RO RUM  
Serbian SR SRP  
International Spanish OS SPA Mapped to SPA
Latin American Spanish LS SPA Mapped to SPA
Finland Swedish FS SWE Mapped to SWE
Cyprus Turkish CT TUR Mapped to TUR
Ukrainian UK UKR  
Urdu UR URD  
Vietnamese VI VIE  
Basque BA BAQ  
Malay as appropriate for use in Asia-Pacific regions MA MAY Mapped to ENG