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Enabling greater mobility in the on-demand economy

On Demand Economy

Using maps and location services to power the critical transportation elements of on-demand services


The growth in technology and investment in the on-demand economy is constantly changing the mobility needs of this market. Solutions providers are turning to their location platforms to help them meet these challenges.

Match demand with supply

Match demand with supply

Accurately locate and match customers with resources positioned to fulfill the request

Exceed customer expectations

Exceed customer expectations

Calculate and communicate the most accurate ETAs for best-in-class customer service

Achieve operational excellence

Achieve operational excellence

Get faster, safer, and reduce operational costs using enterprise quality tracking, routing and analytics


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Learn more about the segments within the on-demand economy that rely on location technology, the essential steps in on-demand transactions for these segments and available processes and tools that power each step and their benefits.

List of HERE features


Rich location features and functions are unlocked through maps, directions, places, traffic and guidance components.

Fresh and accurate maps

Show global maps and imagery with custom display options

Forward and reverse geocoding

Reverse geocoding to accurately locate vehicles; Forward geocoding to accurately locate customers

Monitor and alert

Geofencing to define custom virtual perimeters and alert when vehicles enter or exit geofenced areas

Multi modal routing

Traffic-enabled routing for cars and trucks, bicycles, public transit, and pedestrians

Waypoint sequencing

Configure in an optimal sequence all the pickup and drop-off points along a route taken by one vehicle

Isoline and matrix routing

Use HERE isoline and matrix routing to calculate traffic enabled driver time areas and time/distance matrices for vehicles and trucks.

Real-time and historic traffic

Display real-time local traffic congestion and incidents, as well as historic traffic patterns


Search for, display and route to millions of HERE places, or add and interact with your own places

Venue maps and indoor positioning

Accurately locate indoors and generate detailed indoor routes for shopping malls, airports, transit stations and more

Post trip analysis

Compare driving behavior against road regulations to monitor and mitigate improvements in safety and operations

Turn-by-turn navigation

Provide drivers with integrated voice-guided navigation, working completely off-line with HERE Mobile SDKs

Driver and dispatch connectivity

Connect drivers with dispatch to seamlessly add new destination addresses with real-time ETA calculations

About HERE maps

HERE is the leading independent and pure/play location services provider enabling 4 out of 5 in/car navigation systems in North America and Europe and powering enterprise solutions for industry leads. HERE has been in the location business for the last 30 years and has built one of the most accurate maps in the world.


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Our maps can be found in four out of five in-car navigation systems in North America and Europe.



HERE has built an uninterrupted history of location innovation.



Number of employees in more than 55 countries.

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